Free filmmaking courses: 7 classes to make you a better filmmaker

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You already know that at New 32 we’re all about getting you the filmmaking education you need for as little money as possible. That’s why I’ve created this round up of free filmmaking courses. These online courses are the perfect way to gain new skills and continue your education without spending a single cent. Let’s get into it!

Studiobinder’s master classes

Did you know that Studiobinder has free filmmaking courses on their website? As of the time of this post, they have three: Filmmaking Techniques, TV Writing And Development, and Pre-Production Process. These three video courses can be accessed if you make a free Studiobinder account. They also come with free downloadable templates to help you implement your new skills once the course is over. Sign me up!

University of Colorado Boulder’s video post-production course

Learn about all things post production in the college level course! It’s free to audit and available on demand. The syllabus is available to peruse before you commit to the class, but the opportunity to take a filmmaking course from a respected university for FREE and on your own timeline is an amazing opportunity you shouldn’t pass up!

Producing a professional short film

If you have an idea for a short film but don’t know where to start, this free filmmaking course is for you! This self-paced online masterclass will allow you to develop your idea, plan for each stage of production, adhere to industry standards, and create the most polished, professional-looking short film you possibly can. Enroll now to get the ball rolling on your short!

Introduction to filmmaking for beginners

Another great option for folks who are just starting off their filmmaking journey! This course, hosted on Youtube, covers a wide variety of topics; camera angles, different lenses, aperture, shot lists… SO much is covered in so little time. Get your notebook ready, because there is so much information to go over here!

Philosophy of film

This college level course from MIT is free to download and fully self-paced, with both lectures are written assignments. According to the website, “this course is a seminar on the philosophical analysis of film art, with an emphasis on the ways in which it creates meaning through techniques that define a formal structure. There is a particular focus on aesthetic problems about appearance and reality, literary and visual effects, communication and alienation through film technology.”

Molly Stein-Seroussi

Molly Stein-Seroussi


Molly is an author, screenwriter, blogger, and brand manager for New 32 Productions. They are passionate about sharing content that helps filmmakers live a more productive, informed, and well-balanced life. They live in North Carolina with their spouse and way too many dogs.

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