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 Most indie filmmakers have to work from home at least some of the time, whether they have a spare room or just a corner of their bedroom. We have to learn to make do with all sorts of little spaces, but you shouldn’t have to compromise on everything. That’s why we’ve curated a list of some of our fav office supplies from Amazon for you to peruse. Some of these things will stay at your home, while some can travel with you to set, to your favorite coffee shop, and to on-the-go production work like location scouting or hitting up thrift stores for the perfect costume piece. 

These are affiliate links, meaning that if you buy something from this article we’ll get a little kickback. It’s just one of the many ways we work to pay our bills and keep making our movies.

Pink office supplies

Wanting to add a little cheer to your workspace? Trying to create your own home office Barbie dreamworld? Do you have a little Libra in you? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this adorable, highly-rated pink office supply set is for you. It comes in other cute pastel shades as well, but we think pink goes with everything.

Pink vintage coffee mugs

If you’re anything like Ceci, you don’t get a lot done until you’ve had your morning cup of coffee… or, more realistically, several morning cups of coffee plus an afternoon top-off. Live your best life and drink out of these super aesthetic vintage pink coffee cups. It’ll get you through all the tedious production work that’s on your plate.

Flower glass straws

Are you more of an iced coffee gal? We’ve got you. You’ll look adorable and so put together drinking your iced oat milk latte or your matcha out of these floral glass straws. They come with a brush for easy cleaning, although they’re also dishwasher safe. Saving the earth has never looked so good.

Pink insulated water bottle 

Molly carries their S’well insulated water bottle everywhere they go. It’s seen better days, but it’s survived years of teaching, travel, hikes, gym workouts, film sets, and being dropped repeatedly on the ground. It’s their emotional support water bottle and it keeps them hydrated everywhere they go. Theirs isn’t pink, but it probably should be. Remember, hot girls hydrate, in the office and on set. 

Under desk walking pad

This one’s a splurge, one we know isn’t always possible for people who work in the arts to make. Still, if you have the funds, keep reading. This adorable green under-desk walking pad is amazing if you have ADHD, a step goal you have trouble meeting, or just want to get a little more movement in your workday. We know production work can get tedious and this walking pad really helps break it up. It goes on sale sometimes (which is how we got it) and we can confirm that it’s worth the price tag.

Essential oil diffuser

Turn your home office into a spa! We have a leg up on everyone else because, fun fact, Raven is actually a licensed esthetician. But just because you don’t have your own Raven doesn’t mean you can’t have a spa-like environment. This diffuser isn’t pink, but it has multiple light settings that let it glow pink, along with other pretty colors. Production work can be so stressful, so we like to do what we can to make our environment nice. Diffusing essential oils is such an easy way to brighten up the office without adding more work to your plate. Just make sure if you have an office pet (like we do) that the oils you’re choosing are safe for your furry friend.

Fake succulents

A cute little plant goes such a long way to brighten up your space, but some of us (cough cough Molly) don’t have what it takes to keep anything more finicky than a pothos alive. This leaves you with two choices: stick with pothos only, or find something that’s even more low maintenance. Enter the fake succulent. This is the perfect fake plant to get because it’s hard to tell that it isn’t real. Add a little life to your space… except, not really.

Pink fidget toy

This one’s for the neurodivergent girlies. Molly taught for eight years (and has had ADHD for 29 years) so they know alllllll the best fidget toys. This one is simple, quiet, cheap, durable, and extremely satisfying. Truly an office must-have.

Salad bento box

If you’re working from home, you may not need a lunch box, but this bento-style salad lunch box is perfect if you’re on the go, scouting locations and meeting with other producers. Durable, machine washable, and of course pink, Molly brings their lunch to the office in this bad boy every single day. Their current obsession: arugula, quinoa, edamame, blueberries, sunflower seeds, and pesto. What delicious combinations will you create?

Pink hamster mouse

Raven insisted on this one being added to the list. We don’t have this pink hamster mouse, but it’s clear that we should get it. Look at the little guy. Just look at him.

New 32 sticker

What’s better than a cute little sticker on your laptop or water bottle? A cute little sticker that helps make an indie film, that’s what! This cute, colorful New 32 Productions sticker will look great decorating your workspace, it’ll let everyone know you’re a film girlie, you’ll be twinning with us, and it goes to a good cause. Win-win-win-win.

Molly Stein-Seroussi

Molly Stein-Seroussi


Molly is an author, screenwriter, blogger, and brand manager for New 32 Productions. They are passionate about sharing content that helps filmmakers live a more productive, informed, and well-balanced life. They live in North Carolina with their spouse and way too many dogs.

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