Gifts for filmmakers: find something for everyone on your list

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March might seem like a weird time to post a gift guide, but we all know there are reasons to celebrate our favorite filmmakers year round. Choosing gifts for filmmakers can be difficult. Sometimes you want a gift that acknowledges their passion, but film gear is so expensive and a lot of filmmakers want to pick out their own gear. These items are perfect for saying congratulations on getting into film school, landing a spot in that prestigious film festival, happy birthday, or happy holidays to the filmmaker in your life.

For the indie producer

Being an indie producer means answering a million questions, sometimes multiple times. This cute tote bag helps reiterate what a sleep deprived producer or AD wants everyone on set to know: it’s on the call sheet. Perfect for bringing all your on-set must-haves with you, this is a great option to give as a gift on its own or filled with goodies.

If you’re looking for gifts for filmmakers who are concerned about industry standards, may we recommend The Mindful Maker ebook? For newbie producers wanting to get off on the right foot to indie industry veterans who want to do right by their crew, this 50+ page ebook is chock full of tips and tricks to help everyone, regardless of how long they’ve been in the industry, run a film set that is safe, efficient, ethical, and of course fun.

Last but not least, this minimalist black producer baseball cap is simple, sure, but it’s perfect for wearing on set (especially during sunny outdoor shoots) and lets everyone know who’s in charge. 

For the femme film girlie

This camera necklace is perfect for film students or anyone in the camera department who want a touch of subtle glam while they’re on set. Available in a variety of chain lengths and finishes, it will make the femme filmmaker in your life feel seen and valued when they open up this cute camera necklace. There’s nothing like a subtle, dainty necklace to pull together an on-set outfit, and this filmmaker gift will simultaneously show her love for camera while making her look super pulled together.

Or how about this white floral Film Girlie cropped hoodie, designed by everyone’s favorite film girlie DP, Ner 32’s own Raven Angeline Whisnant? Femmine, cute, cozy, and stylish, these make great gifts for filmmakers because they announce her love for film while being absolutely adorable. I’d pair it with a pair of my favorite flared yoga pants and chunky white sneakers (and maybe that camera necklace from before, because c’mon, it’s adorable!)

There’s also this cute women in film comfort colors t shirt, which you can get in her favorite color. I’d personally go for a classic white to pair with wide legged jeans, but they have so many options that you’re sure to find something that speaks to you. This is actually a great gift for any filmmaker, since the cut is totally gender neutral, perfect for everyone from masc babes to male allies to fans of Greta Gerwing (who isn’t?)

For the masc filmmaker

Regardless of gender, some filmmakers have more of a masc vibe. How about this leather SD card holder? This thoughtful gift comes in a variety of colors, has 12 SD card slots, and you can even customize it to have your filmmaker’s name on it. With over 400 reviews for this item and 27k reviews for the shop as a whole, you know this product has been vouched for. It’s nice when gifts for filmmakers are practical and make them look cool on set, and this one definitely fits the bill!

Or if that misses the mark, how about this coffee & camera enamel pin? This small, thoughtful gesture will let your filmmaker show off their love of cameras and caffeine when they stick it to their camera bag, backpack, or favorite jean jacket. There are other enamel pins out there if coffee isn’t really their vibe; check out these pin sets for directors, grips, and editing wizards.

For the screenwriter

Regardless of what other roles your loved one plays on set and behind the scenes, they know that movie magic starts with the script. These writing dice are sure to help them get inspired if they’re ever feeling stuck. Give them the gift of a hundred great ideas by gifting them these dice to play with when the words just aren’t flowing. 

Or how about this monogrammed leather journal? Perfect for dreaming up their next blockbuster, this gift is sure to look amazing as they sit in a cafe, sipping a cappuccino and making notes on their screenplay. Sometimes, the writerly aesthetic really helps. As a writer, I always love getting nice notebooks as gifts, because they’re beautiful, practical, and tells me the gift-giver is supportive of my art. Win/win/win!

Finally, this printable workbook that allows you to outline your screenplay in a day is a great gift for the screenwriter who has everything. You might notice a familiar name on the cover, and that’s because as a screenwriter and novelist with years of study under my belt, I custom designed this workbook to allow me to outline while juggling plot, character, and theme. It’s a great low cost gift for a screenwriter you love!

For the filmmaker who’s doing the damn thing

This is such a difficult, opaque, at times impossible industry, so sometimes you need gifts for filmmakers that say: I see you, and you’re doing the damn thing. This cute and encouraging candle is a great way to say that you’re beyond proud of the filmmaker in your life, that you see them putting in the work, and that you support them 100%. I’d personally include this in a gift basket with a cute mug and a bag of coffee or tea for all those late nights editing. 

There’s also this customizable hoodie or t shirt for the writer/director who just finished their first (or tenth) film. It’s a great, gender neutral way of marking the occasion, letting them know that you’re proud of everything they’ve accomplished and that you think they should be proud, too.

Do you see any gifts for filmmakers that you’ll be adding to cart? If you’re a filmmaker and you have great gift ideas, hit me up because I’m sure to do another gift guide in the future!

Molly Stein-Seroussi

Molly Stein-Seroussi


Molly is an author, screenwriter, blogger, and brand manager for New 32 Productions. They are passionate about sharing content that helps filmmakers live a more productive, informed, and well-balanced life. They live in North Carolina with their spouse and way too many dogs.

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