We don’t specialize in commercial, we specialize in stories… but that’s what makes our commercials special.

The average consumer is exposed to 76 ads per day, and possibly clicks on ONE.

In a sea of content and products, it can feel impossible to get your customers attention. Enter New 32. There’s a lot of talk in marketing about identifying what makes your brand unique, what’s the one thing you and only you can provide for your clients? While we have a range of talents and technical strengths we offer, I think our real strength is simple: you. Specifically, our ability to get to know you. To understand your goals, strengths, and needs even beyond the current commercial at hand, on the larger scale of how these videos can serve your brand long term, for years to come. Your video can’t simply focus on promoting a specific product or service, it needs to fit like a puzzle piece within the larger scope of the brand you’re building in order to provide lasting impact and continued return. We don’t just want to make a video that looks beautiful, we want to help you connect with your clients. We want to tell your story. We want to use our award winning narrative film prowess, to showcase you. We want your new customers to understand who you are, how you’re here to serve them, and what they’re missing out on everyday they don’t click your profile. It’s getting easier and easier to make a high quality video, anyone can do it! So you don’t need content, you need a connection.

Brands We’ve Worked With:

Ambient Recording

MindPath Care Centers

Carrboro Realty

Our process

Unlike a lot of production companies who coordinate a roster of freelancers, New 32’s team is fully in house. Our secret weapon? We talk. We check in about your project multiple times a day, all weighing in and adding strengths from our varied backgrounds. We have the power of being in the same room, which allows us to collaborate and laser focus, working as a unified team to hone every detail of your film. We can take you through all the elements of pre-production, production, and post-production, with only one set of names to remember! Don’t know what you want? We have an experienced team of copywriters who’d be happy to help you write your ad. Know what you want but just don’t have the gear? We’re happy to take your lead and bring your vision to life.

Our strengths: 

  • We focus on small, quick, efficient crews who know how to get in and out without taking up your time or leaving your space a mess. We’re in and out!
  • We pride ourselves on our ability to foster sets that are as fun as they are efficient.
  • Our narrative films have received a collective 40+ awards so far in only a two year run, with particular notice of our writing and directorial abilities.
  • Invest in us? We invest in the future. We go out of our way to provide educational opportunities to give a leg up to the next gen of filmmakers.
  • We are a living wage company. So you know when you hire New 32, we will be taking good care of every creator, at every level.
Range of projects: 
  • Narrative films (short & feature)
  • Commercials
  • Documentaries
  • Educational videos
  • Interviews
  • Music videos
  • Real estate videos
  • Brand videos
  • Don’t see what you need? Just ask!
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