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Well, it’s finally that time we all (mostly Raven) have been waiting for! Molly and Cecilia are officially working in the New 32 offices, putting all their focus on the company. We thought it would be fun to take you all along for the ride and show you what a week at our indie production company is like; what we get up to, what we work on, and of course the fun we have. 


The beginning of a new era! We met at one of our favorite local coffee shops and sat out on their back patio to have a meeting. We are all so in-sync, but it’s still important to us all that expectations, policies, and goals are clear. We quickly got on the same page, established our goals for the week, and talked about our dreams for the company. Then, at noon, Raven and Ceci packed up to go to a Bernard shoot, and Molly worked from home for the rest of the day, developing some of our educational digital products. We’re obsessed with these products and seriously wish we’d had access to them when we were just starting out; think of it as just downloading our entire filmmaking brain into your own. You can find them on our shop page.

The shoot went amazingly well. Cecilia and Raven were total badasses as always, and they said the actors they got to work with were all super talented and kind. A lot of love and work went into this shoot, and we’re so thrilled with the way the footage turned out.


Our first full day in the office! We started with our morning check-in and then dove right into our work. This was website week at New32, so a lot of our work was rotating around getting our new site up and running. We’re so lucky to be working with Megan Weeks, an incredible web designer who is making us a website we know we can be really proud of. I wish I could show you all the look on Raven’s face when she saw the mock up. Molly split their time between developing digital products and doing research on the American Film Market. Ceci largely focused on production work and audio editing, because she’s our in-house sound badass. We also had a zoom meeting with Megan about the site (seriously, she’s so lovely, and we can’t recommend her services enough!) Molly and Ceci wore matching hoodies. Raven didn’t. Don’t read into that too much. We still love her even if she’s not part of the cool kids hoodie club. (Edit: it only seems fair to note that as I’m writing this, Raven has gotten on board the hoodie train. All three of us are looking great.)


Once again, we got started right at nine with our morning check-in and then dove right into our day. It’s amazing how much faster things go when there’s three of us in the office! Raven worked on things we needed for the website, Cecilia focused on production work for Bernard, and Molly did a lot of branding work, work on digital products, and work for the website. We had a quick lunch break and then got right back to it. The time really flew by, but we got a TON done; this was a super productive day!


We love Thursdays because we have our strategy meetings with co-owner Stan at a great local coffee shop. These strategy meetings are an opportunity for us to really dream about what the company can be as we envision our short and long term goals, as well as coming up with practical, hands-on ways to achieve these goals. After our meeting, we headed back to the office so Cecilia could meet with one of our brand partners and Molly and Raven could do some production work in the office. After that, we had a meeting with Megan to go over our amazing web design, and then Raven and Cecilia hit the road for GenreBlast Film Festival, where Biters & Bleeders premiered on Friday! Molly spent the rest of the day working from a coffee shop, where they couldn’t be too sad about being all alone because at least they had matcha.


Friday was a little bit of a weird day, because Raven and Cecilia were at the film festival and Molly was working from home. Still, a lot got accomplished; the film festival cohort were able to meet a lot of really cool filmmakers, and Molly was able to get a lot done on their own. Biters & Bleeders premiered and we’re excited to say it was very well-received. We’ve poured so much into this film and to say that we’re thrilled that other people are loving it is an understatement. This is the day the website was completed (again, shout out to Megan) so Molly was the point person for that. In addition to sorting out all the little details on the new website, Molly worked on a couple of research projects and brainstormed some marketing ideas. All in all, we had an exciting, invigorating, productive first week in the office and we can’t wait to see what the next few months have in store for us!

Molly Stein-Seroussi

Molly Stein-Seroussi


Molly is an author, screenwriter, blogger, and brand manager for New 32 Productions. They are passionate about sharing content that helps filmmakers live a more productive, informed, and well-balanced life. They live in North Carolina with their spouse and way too many dogs.

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